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Volunteers are the life-blood of our organization. Led by members of the Booster Board and Committee Heads, parents perform vital tasks that outfit, transport and support the students in the programs.  Opportunities to volunteer are described below.

We need EVERY family to volunteer throughout the year.  Without your assistance, the burden for providing these services falls on a very small number of people. Come join in the fun, meet some new people, and make a lasting difference in your student’s education!


The uniform committee is responsible for organizing and maintaining the band uniforms. Volunteers are needed prior to the start of the school year to help in any of the following areas: fit, measure, hem, wash, and label the uniforms. This generally takes a couple of days during band camp in the band room. Those who wish to hem and wash may take the uniforms home at the end of the day to return the following week.


Throughout the school year, other parents are needed to inventory band uniforms prior to the football games and/or competitions. Three or four parents are also needed to “plume the shakos” (feather in the cap) before the band marches onto the field. Overall, most of these jobs go quickly depending upon how many volunteers sign up, but usually do not exceed three hours per event. Everyone is welcomed. No sewing experience is required.


NOTE: Pursuant to ANHS Band Policy, *ALL* uniform assistants must be registered and approved by the district as “Tier 1 Volunteers”.  For more information, see the Capistrano Unified School District Volunteer page.


Football Game 2019.jpg


Build and Repair 

Props, one of the exciting visual elements of our marching show, need to be constructed, painted and maintained throughout the Fall Marching Band.  Equipment, golf carts and our band trailer need regular maintenance to make sure they are performance ready.  If you have some time on a Saturday and like to work with your hands this is a great way to get involved! No mechanical or carpentry experience required!


For a band of our size we travel heavy.  Our 24' band trailer is joined by two or three 26' trucks for every competition.  We need trusted volunteers to load and secure the equipment and drive the trucks.  Making sure everything arrives safely and is ready for the performance is vital to our group's success.

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