Cow Chip Bingo 2013 Guidelines

Student and Parent Guidelines – 2013 Cow Chip Bingo

The following information will help you with the marketing and handling of the tickets for the Cow Chip Bingo fundraiser we will host after the conclusion of the Laguna Niguel Holiday Parade on Saturday, December 14, 2013:


  1. A grid of 3000 squares (1yd x 1yd each) will make up the event ‘game board’. The game board will have the dimensions of 50yds x 60yds. The event site be at the Crown Valley Community Center in Laguna Niguel on the Upper Soccer Field. It will run from 2:00PM until dark.
  2. The morning of the event, ANHS Band Booster Officials will use a computer-generated randomizer to associate a Land Deed Parcel Number – located on each ticket – with a game board square. The official game board will be viewable at the event site at the beginning of the event.
  3. Three small cows will be brought in and released onto the game board at approximately 2:15PM. Since there will be no fence, students will be in charge of walking the cows around the game board in a random fashion. There will be times when a cow may lay down for a short time. That will be an opportunity for any small children to come and pet them. The cow owner will help with overall management of the cows during the event.
  4. When a cow “plops” on the game board, the location of the “plop” (AKA cow chip) will be recorded by the Band Booster Officials.
  5. The square that the cow chip falls on will be the winner. If the cow chip lands between two or more lots, the prize money will be divided equally among the owners of all lots affected regardless of the volume on each lot. If the cow chip lands on an unsold lot, we will move one lot Southwest and clockwise to find a winner. Note: the field is not oriented in a solid north, south, east and west direction.
  6. If all three cow chips are not completed within daylight hours, Band Booster Officials will randomly select the remaining winning square(s) via a computer-generated random number selector. If the random number selected is also unsold, we will follow the procedure listed in Rule #5 until a winner is determined.
  7. Decision of the officials is final.
  8. One prize per lot.
  9. Event will take place rain or shine.
  10. Winning tickets will receive prizes based upon the following:
    • 1st Plop is worth $250
    • 2nd Plop is worth $500
    • and the 3rd Plop is worth $1000
    • Winners need not be present to collect their prizes

Tickets and Collections:

  1. 3000 tickets will be printed and will come in books of five tickets each. Each ticket will sell for $5.00. A unique Land Deed Parcel Number ranging from 1 to 3000 will be printed on each ticket and stub.
  2. Each student will be given one book to sell initially. All tickets distributed – either initially or subsequently – will require a checkout signature. Books requested and received by a family member will also require a signature and will be registered against the student’s name.
  3. Each ticket will have two coupons (one for Chick-Fil-A and one for Chili’s) attached to the end opposite the stub. These coupons will be given to the purchaser along with the main ticket body as one piece. These stubs themselves have an approximate combined value of $5, so use this as a selling point when talking to potential ticket buyers.
  4. Ticket sales are not limited to family, friends, neighbors or co-workers, and the buyer does not have to be a local resident to participate.
  5. When selling a Land Parcel ticket to a customer, the student (or parent/seller) will write the buyer’s name, address and phone number on the ticket stub. Please make sure all information placed on the stub is easy to read. The rest of the ticket will be torn off at the perforation line and given to the customer. All five stubs need to be kept together so DO NOT separate them into individual stubs!
  6. When all five tickets are sold, the student will place the completed stubs and the associated money collections for that book into an envelope and seal it. Please write the student’s name and “Cow Chip Bingo” on the outside of the envelope and drop it in the drop box outside Mr. Weinberg’s office in the ANHS Band Room. DO NOT drop stubs or money directly into the drop box without them being in a sealed and identified envelope.
  7. New books of five tickets can be obtained at any time from Mr. Weinberg. When you ask him for an additional book, he will have you sign for it at that time so we know you are the individual who has taken responsibility for those numbered tickets.
  8. Students are responsible for all of the tickets they are given, and it is vitally important that all money collected be associated to a completed ticket stub. That is the only way we will know who the ticket owner is, who a winner might be and how to contact them. Remember, the ticket owners DO NOT have to be present to win, so we desperately need their contact information written on the stub that is turned in. It would be very helpful if the parents would help keep track of their student’s sales and collections to ensure nothing (tickets and money) are misplaced or lost.
  9. A buyer’s purchase of a ticket can only be in the form of cash or check only. We have no way of handling these via debt or credit cards. When a set of five stubs is returned, there should be a combination of cash and/or checks totaling $25 for each stub book. Please do not return a stub book unless all five tickets have been sold. The only exception will be at the conclusion of all ticket sales in December when a final collection of any unsold tickets will be made.
  10. If the customer chooses to pay with a check, have them make the check out to: Aliso Niguel High School Instrumental Music Boosters, Inc. If possible, have them note on the check that it is for “Cow Chip Bingo.” This is not necessary but it will help the treasurer with his accounting for this event.
What is in this event for you and the music program?
  1. For the music program, it’s obvious: proceeds go towards keeping our program functioning at the high level you have come to know and want to experience.
  2. At a personal level, the following student-based awards will be given out:
    • For the sellers of the winning tickets: $50 will be given for the 1st cow chip, $75 for the 2nd cow chip and $100 for the 3rd cow chip.
    • The section with the highest average number of tickets sold for the event will get to lead the cows around the event board and enjoy the photo ops. The section with the lowest average number of tickets sold will be responsible for ALL of the event clean-up, including what the cows produce.

An Order Form, flyer, and image suitable for Facebook will soon be added to the Fundraising Docs/Forms/Flyers page.

Good luck to all!

Should you have any questions that need to be answered during the lead-up to December 14th, please feel free to speak with me during Tuesday night rehearsals (I’m the one serving soup), or e-mail me with your questions at


Bill Spivey
Cow Chip Bingo Event Coordinator